Semalt Advice – A Cloud-Based Screen Scraping Service

Screen scraping refers to a technique used to extract data from websites and is sometimes confused with content scraping, which is the use of manual and automatic means to harvest content from websites without the approval of a webmaster. The screen scrapers are meant to extract information from the internet and ease the crawling process. They are made in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C++, PHP, Ruby and other programming languages and are also known as web harvesters and data extractors.

PromptCloud – A reliable screen scraping service:

PromptCloud is known for its interactive web crawling and customized data scraping features. It allows us to scrape information from the internet in more than 110 languages. Moreover, we can crawl our web content and improve the sites' search engine rankings. It is possible to save data in PromptCloud's own database or download to our hard drive for offline uses. You can easily target discussion forums, review websites, social media networks, travel portals, e-commerce sites and news sites with this cloud-based screen scraper. PromptCloud is capable of crawling and indexing your web pages and makes your content visible on Google, Bing and Yahoo results.

Founded in 2009, PromptCloud is a pioneer and global leader in the Data-as-a-Service solutions. An integral part of its work is data extraction, which is done with various cloud computing technologies. PromptCloud helps enterprises and programmers acquire structured data from the internet. Its data extraction features are suitable for major brands from a range of domains including finance, travel, marketing, healthcare, analytics, and others.

1. Capture content structures with PromptCloud:

One of the most distinctive features of PromptCloud is that it helps capture different content structures and makes it easy for you to scrape information. For instance, you can use PromptCloud to scrape data from e-commerce sites and obtain pricing information, images and product descriptions for your own website. This screen scraper will maintain the quality of your data and will download it to your hard drive as soon as the process is complete.

2. Optimize your site with this tool:

PromptCloud is one of the best web crawlers on the internet. It helps optimize your site and improves its scalability and reliability. Such features are important if you want to extract data from hundreds to thousands of web pages.

3. It imports data to different formats:

Once the data scraping is complete, PromptCloud will import the information to CSV and JSON formats. It also provides the facility for saving your data in Google Drive, Dropbox, and Alternatively, you can copy it to a floppy drive or download to your hard disk for later uses. An input CSV file and database query helps feed the input values to a web form, so you can easily create the CSV files with hundreds of keywords and submit the search forms for individual keywords.

Almost all primitive screen scrapers don't allow you to extract information from dynamic sites and e-commerce websites. With PromptCloud, you can target all the complex and dynamic websites and can even target sites with AJAX, cookies, redirects, and JavaScript.